Thursday, December 31, 2015

Beer Test Results Summary Chart - through 2015

Beer Test Results using E-Z Gluten*
Asahi Super Dry Over 20 ppm
Beck's Over 20 ppm
Brooklyn Lager Over 20 ppm
Bud Light Over 20 ppm
Carlsberg Under 20 ppm
Chimay Premiere Over 20 ppm
Coors Light Under 10 ppm
Corona Extra Under 10 ppm
Duvel Under 20 ppm
Fat Tire Over 20 ppm
Foster's Lager Over 20 ppm
Guinness Over 20 ppm
Heineken Over 20 ppm
Heineken Light Over 20 ppm
Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale Over 20 ppm
Kirin Light Under 20 ppm
La Fin du Monde Over 20 ppm
Leffe Over 20 ppm
Maudite Over 20 ppm
Miller High Life Over 20 ppm
Miller Lite Over 20 ppm
Modelo Especial Under 20 ppm
Orval Over 20 ppm
Negra Modelo Under 20 ppm
Newcastle Brown Ale Over 20 ppm
Omission Pale Ale Under 20 ppm
Pabst Blue Ribbon Under 20 ppm
Peroni Nastro Azzuro Over 20 ppm
Pilsner Urquell Over 20 ppm
Red Stripe Over 20 ppm
Sapporo Over 20 ppm
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Over 20 ppm
Stella Artois Over 20 ppm
Stone IPA Over 20 ppm
Tecate Over 20 ppm
Tsingtao Under 20 ppm
Yanjing Over 20 ppm
* Though standards vary from country to country, according to the FDA, "In order to use the term 'gluten free' on its label a food must meet all the requirements of the definition, including that the food must contain less than 20 ppm (parts per million) gluten." It is said that products with a gluten content below 20 ppm are suitable for people with celiac disease.
DISCLAIMER: We are testing beers out of our own curiosity at home and sharing the test results with others. We are not medical doctors and our results should not be interpreted as medical advice. We do NOT claim that ANY of these beers are safe to consume if you have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant.


  1. South East Asian beers like beerlao, bintang, singha and Chang?

  2. I am a Celiac from Montreal and have grown tired of paying more then double for gluten-free beer that is often stale. I have been drinking Corona Extra since last week with no problems thanks to this blog. P.S. Corona tastes better in a glass bottle versus can. Swedish food agency also confirm the same for Corona.

  3. More commercially available gluten reduced beers:
    Stone Delicious IPA
    all beers brewed by Odd 13 in Layfayette,CO -

  4. this is amazing!!!! you need to quit your job, print some t-shirts and do this full time

    I think I am in love with this page

  5. Consider trying Dos Equis Lager and/or Sol. I have gluten intolerant friends that swear these are low on the gluten spectrum.

    1. I can tolerate Sol, but have had problems w Dos Equis, so be careful!!

  6. I agree, this is also my new favorite site. Would love to know about a few Aussie beers such as Hahn superdry and carlton dry. Also the Mexican beer Sol would be good too. Thanks

  7. Thank you for this service. PLEASE test WI Capital Amber. I can send you $ for a few bottles, if that helps :_) It's one of the only beers that I enjoy and doesn't make me feel like shit. Omission is okay, too, but I'm curious how this one comes out in your testing.

  8. I'd love to see you try Yuengling, Smithwick's, and anything from Dogfish Head or Victory.

  9. I'd love to see you try Yuengling, Smithwick's, and anything from Dogfish Head or Victory.

  10. Thx for this great service. I was a hard core lover of all beers until a dr suggested a try a gluten reduced diet. Now I am hard cider and gluten free beer and I feel so much better. AB RedBridge is my go to, grocery store beer now.

  11. Just found this site and this is amazing.
    I want to print out this list and give it to the beer stores here to let people know since they seem to know nothing about this.
    Well done and keep up the good work!

  12. Thank you so much for this site!!!! It is very helpful and I am glad someone is doing some kind of research! I get tired of paying a ton of money for gf beer that either does not taste like beer and is too expensive!

  13. Thank you so much for this site!!!! It is very helpful and I am glad someone is doing some kind of research! I get tired of paying a ton of money for gf beer that either does not taste like beer and is too expensive!

  14. This site gives me new hope!!! I was an avid beer drinker my whole life until I went gf 4 years ago...mixed drinks and Cider are just not my thing. I've tried multiple GF beers including Redbridge, Daura, New Planet, New Grist and Omission (which technically isn't gf). Although it gives the effect of drinking beer, they all still leave me....unsatisfied. I am very excited about the Corona research and reviews that I read on this site, also happy about Coors light as it is pretty inexpensive. I would love to see you test Sol or Michelob Ultra as they are 2 other old favorites of mine!! Thanks again for taking the time to research for all of us, it is much appreciated!

  15. I second the request that you test Corona Light. I still have about 10 in my fridge and don't want them to go to waste! ;) I tried Omission yesterday, and it was awful. I'd be so flipping happy if I could just stick with my CL.

  16. Thanks so much for your work! Keep it up. Been GF for 2+ years and was getting pretty sick of sticking w/cider (and Omission when available). It was nice to drink some good ole sh*tty Coors Light last wkd! No effects.

  17. New Belgium is now making Glutiney - same process as Omission's. Both are tasty and hopefully will be added to your favorite watering hole's cooler.

  18. What would you think about testing Sam Adams and/or Shiner Bock soon? :)

  19. For me, 1 corona = a little icky next morning. 1 1/2 = vomiting :(

  20. Can you please test dos equis lager!?!

  21. Kilkenny's or Caffrey's? Please please!

  22. My life changed after discovering that I can tolerate Dos Equis lager and Sol in May of this year. This was wonderful because none of the "gluten free" beers I tried were very good (with the exception of Green's). Back in the saddle my friends...

  23. I see a ,CA for this blog my question is is the Coors light a Canadian product, I can tolerate American bud light but Canada has a different ingredient list I believe really appreciate your help and looking forward to a goto regular priced beer boxer beer here in Alberta is only 10 a six pack but poor quality

  24. BOSTON BREWERY Paarden island cape town

    Gluten reduced beers under 10ppm

  25. Can you test estrella jalisco

  26. Samoa makes a beer from breadfruit and it is delicious. Too bad we can't get it here.

  27. WOW! This site is amazing, so much info. Mahalo!!
    I've been try to go GF free for 4 years now & it's been very difficult. I LOVE, My daily bottle of beer at night. Love the taste and enjoy every drop. But as I realize I awake in the morning with pain in my body. Pain in my hands and headaches are becoming more frequent. Chest pain and coughing everyday is becoming annoying. I am a 70 year old responsible drinker. One beer a night for taste, I enjoy so much. But with the pain becoming increasingly intense, I'm rethinking my nightly beer. As my husband & I have been doing more research on GF products he sent me your site. It's been a great help. I am also trying to go nightshade free. I'm a vegetarian also. Limited on so much. Now to take away one thing I really enjoy is painful in more ways than I can imagine. But possible to do.
    Thank you again for all your research, appreciate it.

  28. cerveza GROLSCH ?? saben cuanto tiene de gluten ?

  29. What about Corona light. Should I assume that is under 20 ppm since corona extra is?

  30. I love Red Bridge. It's made by Budweiser.

  31. I am a Celiac, diagnosed in Fall of 2009. I have found that I have little to no reactions after drinking mexican beer. I started taste testing with Corona, in Mexico, in 2012, and looked at your research when I got back home. I have drank Modelo Negra, Dos Equis (both pale and amber), and a couple others from the Mexican Beer combination pack. I would be curious to see what the results of your testing of those beers would be.

  32. I would also like to note, that I have tried bud light a few times with little or no reaction. However, the past week, on a vacation trip, I had 3-4 budlights per day, and have had some reactions pop up, that are suspicious of being caused by ingesting gluten. Since no foods are really being suspected, I am finding it is probably the beer. Looking at your research concerning the particular beer, I can see that my suspicions are probably correct.

  33. Greens make a fantastic gluten free beer, I have tried SOL and didn't notice any adverse effects, I think its because it uses barley instead of wheat as the main ingredient which has a lower gluten content usually.

    I also recommend brewdog vagabond. Its really fruity and hoppy.

  34. Please test Milwaukee's Best Light for those of us who are poor lol. We wish to be gf as well.

  35. try Brewdog Vagabond- real beer, and they say that the remove gluten
    Best I have tasted and no reaction. I cant tolerate >15ppm