Sunday, November 2, 2014

La Fin du Monde

bottle Fin Du Monde Beer Unibroue gluten free low triple tripel bier celiac French Canadian Belgian test result craft micro brew
Beer: La Fin du Monde
Style: Belgian-Style Tripel
Brewing location: Chambly, Canada
Originating country: Canada
Alcohol by Volume: 9% 
Ingredients: yeast, water, malts and hops
Format tested: 750 ml Los Angeles, CA
Beeradvocate rating: 96/100
Ratebeer rating: 99/100
Test kit: E-Z Gluten

  • Unibroue was founded by business partners André Dion and Serge Racine who had acquired 75% of La Brasserie Massawippi Inc. of Lennoxville in 1990.
  • The brewery was bought by Canadian brewer, Sleeman Breweries Ltd., in 2004. In turn, Sleeman, in turn, was purchased in 2006 by Sapporo.
  • The beer has been the winner of many medals since its introduction in 1994.
  • La Fin du Monde is French for "The End of the World." The name is claimed to derive from the European explorers' belief that they had reached the end of the world when they discovered America.
  • Most of Unibroue's beers are bottled "on the lees", or containing yeast sediment (or lees). This practice provides additional fermentation after bottling. The result is a beer which ages well if kept in the dark and unrefrigerated, and allows it to be shipped relatively cheaply to international markets.

Test result photo

Test result

Very High Positive at 20 parts per million (ppm), meaning it more than 20 ppm. Though standards vary from country to country, according to the FDA, "In order to use the term 'gluten free' on its label a food must meet all the requirements of the definition, including that the food must contain less than 20 ppm gluten." It is said that products with a gluten content below 20 ppm are suitable for people with celiac disease.

My experience drinking La Fin du Monde

Despite the high alcohol content it is barely noticeable because this beer is so well-balanced. It has a flowery aroma and a delicious taste of malts and spice combined with that distinct Belgian yeast flavor. My only criticism is that it is slightly over-carbonated. 

I am not sure where I fall in the gluten tolerance spectrum; I am gluten intolerant but not celiac. I definitely know what it feels like to be “glutened” i.e. gluten exposure, but I have not deliberately pushed my gluten consumption limits with any food or beer. I consumed this 750ml bottle in 2 hours and felt no gluten effects.

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  1. Please test Delirium. I've had decent success with other Belgian beers and am hopeful that Delirium may be ok also.

    Thanks and I really enjoy your blog!