Saturday, February 15, 2014


Duvel gluten free beer low gluten test results celiac intolerance Belgian golden ale
Beer: Duvel
Style: Belgian Golden Ale
Brewing location: Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat, Puurs, Belgium
Originating country: Belgium
Alcohol by Volume: 8.5% 
Ingredients: not published but likely to be malted-barley, yeast, hops, water
Format tested: 11.2 oz bottle purchased in Los Angeles, CA
Beeradvocate rating: 95/100
Ratebeer rating: 99/100
Test kit: E-Z Gluten

  • Duvel means 'devil' in Flemish, a surprising choice of name in the devoutly Catholic Flanders of 1923. This was a reference to its potent aromas.
  • In the 1960s the Duvel glass became the first tulip-shaped beer glass
  • During World War One Belgium developed strong ties with England and Albert Moortgat created Duvel based on the English ale model
  • in 1918 Albert Moortgat traveled the length of the UK to get the specific yeast strain that Duvel still uses today 

Test Result Photo
Duvel gluten free beer low gluten test results celiac intolerance Belgian golden ale

Test result
Negative at 20 parts per million (ppm), meaning it is less than 20 ppm. Though standards vary from country to country, according to the FDA, "in order to use the term 'gluten free' on its label a food must meet all the requirements of the definition, including that the food must contain less than 20 ppm gluten." It is said that products with a gluten content below 20 ppm are suitable for people with celiac disease.

My experience drinking Duvel 
What a result! This is one of my favorite beers and I am overjoyed that it tests under 20 ppm gluten. When poured into a tulip glass its yellow hue and large frothy white head resembles a delicious slice of lemon meringue pie. It has mildly citrusy nose. The taste is delicate but sophisticated; just the right amount of hops with a hint of spice. Surprisingly at 8.5% ABV alcohol does not overpower the taste but gives it a certain sweetness. The high carbonation tickles the tongue and gives the ale its perfect roundness. I am not sure where I fall in the gluten tolerance spectrum; I am gluten intolerant but not celiac. I definitely know what it feels like to be "glutened" i.e. gluten exposure, but I have not deliberately pushed my gluten consumption limits with any food or beer. I consumed this 11.2 oz bottle over an hour period (drinking nothing else) and felt no gluten effects. Definitely felt buzzed though!


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  2. Alambra is a spanish beer of which they produce a sin gluten gluten free which is a wonderful lager at around 5.4%. I would recommend to all.

  3. Thank you for testing all of these beers for us!!! I was so bummed when I couldn't drink beer anymore due to a doctor recommended reduced gluten diet (I don't have celiac's.) I've been looking for a beer review site like this for so long, and I'm so happy to find out Duvel is under 20 ppm!

  4. Result! Never thought I would be able to drink a Belgium beer again.

    Had two bottles last night with no gluten symptoms. :)

  5. Wow, this is AMAZING news. Thanks for what you're doing with the site!

  6. I'm trying some tonight.. Have had major gi issues with wheat based beers. Fingers crossed!

  7. Fantastic! Any info on Golden Draak?! That's my favorite...would love to know. Haven't had a beer since going GF in 2012.