Saturday, February 1, 2014

Your Votes Say Coors Light Wins

Coors Light gluten free beer test results low celiac intolerance lager Thank you for voting  

The votes are in and the next beer to be tested is Coors Light. To be honest, I don't really consider Coors Light a beer, more a fizzy yellow water. But the people have spoken!

Thank you all for taking the time to vote and share your comments - your feedback is important. And please participate the next time we have a beer poll. 

Stay tuned. Coors Light results coming soon.


  1. Hi--

    Just wanted to thank you for doing this blog. It's great.

    I just recently found out the regional Brooklyn Lager contains less than 5 PPM, which is fantastic as it's a great beer. However, when I'm not in NYC or surrounding areas, I hoping another of my old favorites is low in gluten as well. Any chances of doing a test on Pilsner Urquell and/or Grolsch? I appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. Many thanks for your feedback. Most appreciated. Pilsner Urquell will definitely be tested in the not too distant future. Dutch-brewed Grolsch was a big favorite of mine years ago, so it may well be tested.

  3. Hi! Nothing for Grolsch yet?